VIDEO: Trae Young Sprained His Ankle Against the Miami Heat

Stephen Douglas
Philadelphia 76ers v Atlanta Hawks
Philadelphia 76ers v Atlanta Hawks / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Trae Young injured his ankle during the Atlanta Hawks game against the Miami Heat on Tuesday night. Young drove down the lane and landed awkwardly, turning his ankle.

The good news is that it looked like a sprain and that's exactly what it was. Now we wait to find out the extent of the bad news. How serious is the sprain? How long will Young be out? Will he recover quickly, or could this ankle issue linger? Stephen Curry famously dealt with chronic ankle issues early in his career.

Let's hope for a quick recovery. Young has had an incredible start to his sophomore season, averaging an absurd 34 points, nine assists and six rebounds a game. Over the first three games of the season, he shot 51.5% from the field and a blistering 52% from three.

UPDATE: Things are looking good so far according to Woj.