VIDEO: Tom Brady Dragged His Daughter Into Nearly-Disastrous Cliff Jump

Brian Giuffra

Listen, far be it for me to question how another man raises his children, but Tom Brady clearly never learned that when you’re cliff jumping, you never drag another person along with you when you jump. Especially when that person is your daughter.

Guess someone will have to remind Brady the rules of the game because he put his daughter into a bad position when he held onto Vivan’s hand as he lept off what looks like a 10-foot drop into water and she tried to hold back.

The women’s face when the camera pans up says it all. That could have been much worse. Thankfully nothing disastrous happened. but when you combine hights, rocks and a person falling head/shoulder-first downward, anything can happen and it nearly did here.

Hey Tom, in the future, no holding hands when you jump off high objects. And also, no making jokes about this on social media. You blew it, nearly hurt your daughter, and then thought it would be cool to post it on social. Pretty lame.