VIDEO: TNT's Interview With Aaron Gordon Was High Comedy

Liam McKeone
Aaron Gordon, having a good time
Aaron Gordon, having a good time /

Aaron Gordon will be participating in this year's dunk contest during All-Star weekend in Chicago. If you'll recall, he put on one of the best shows ever the last time he was in it. But he still has games to play before heading to break, and was in Boston on Tuesday evening ahead of the Magic's Wednesday night matchup against the Celtics.

He called into NBA on TNT's pregame show from New England last night to chat with Shaq, Dwyane Wade, Candace Parker, and Adam Lefkoe about the upcoming dunk contest. He looked quite relaxed. Shaq noticed and didn't miss the opportunity to crack several jokes, including how high he'd get on dunks and that he has to cut the weeds at his house tomorrow. Lefkoe chimed in with a pun about smoking the competition. Parker and Wade looked down and did everything they could to not lose their composure.

Gordon seemed blissfully unaware of why they were saying such things. Sadly, we can only imagine what the discourse would have been like if Chuck, Ernie, and Kenny were there, too.