VIDEO: Tim Tebow Blasts Home Run After Shaking Autistic Fan's Hand


New York Mets outfield prospect and all-around good guy Tim Tebow was once again captured in the wild performing a random act of kindness. In a video posted by the Tampa Bay Times, the St. Lucie slugger greets a young autistic fan’s hand during a July 29 game before blasting a home run. Are the two events related? Of course they are. Everything Tebow does is wrapped in mysticism and trying to explain it is a fool’s errand.

The boy’s mother was understandably moved by the encounter.

"“When Seth came back to his seat, he was crying,” Ileanna Bosch said. “And then Tim hit the homer. I started crying, too. How does that happen? I think God brought Seth and Tim together.”"

Tebow’s first baseball season has been a pleasant surprise. Although he’s cooled off considerably at St. Lucie, he’s still hitting .248 with five home runs in 41 games. He’s also been a box-office boom only rivaled by Michael Jordan. Even a cynic would have to begrudgingly admit that this whole experience — to this point — has been a success.