VIDEO: 'The View' Strings Together 3 Minutes of Astounding, Confusing Television

Kyle Koster

There are only a few days left in the calendar year so I feel pretty confident that The View has just put together the most confounding, confusing, and disquieting segment to air in 2019. It starts with with Whoopi Goldberg affecting an unknown accent for unknown reason, then asking her co-workers what they want for the holidays.

That much is easy to explain. What followed is anything but. Like, if you weren't already getting a jump-start on your vacation with some day-drinking, you will now.

What, and I can't stress this enough, was that supposed to be?

Joy Behar. A Harlem-based choir singing a joyful songs. Piping-hot Ram-a-Cans stuffed to the gills with lasagna. An extremely uncomfortable Meghan McCain. It all sounds like a fever dream experienced will sleeping on your mother-in-law's pull-out couch.

And yet it was very real.

That may be enough internet for me today, folks. Time to wander out into the wilderness and think about it all.