VIDEO: The Starters' Leigh Ellis Channels Ray Allen, Hits Game-Winner in Media Basketball Tournament


Yahoo’s Chris Haynes organized a media basketball tournament for those covering the NBA Finals. There was a livestream and actual human beings spent their night watching it out of some morbid curiosity. If, for some reason, you did something else with your time, here’s the big highlight.

That’s Leigh Ellis of The Starters knocking down a corner jumper in a next-point-wins situation during the title game. It wasn’t a pretty play, but it worked.

Ellis also made his best pitch to play for Coach K by trying to take a charge in an earlier game, only to get jobbed by the refs and called for a block.

The man can really do it all.

One is just in awe of the bragging rights he’ll have for life among his media brethren. Priceless feeling that proves the best things are free.