VIDEO: Mysterious Touchdown Interrupts Lisa Salters' Report

Kyle Koster

The start of the second half between the Bills and Texans quickly turned into one of the more perplexing sequences in playoff history when Houston's DeAndre Carter caught the opening kickoff and casually flipped it towards official without taking a knee.

ESPN quickly cut away to a report by Lisa Salters as chaos broke out and the play was ruled a fumble and a Buffalo touchdown.

After a discussion with the alternate officials, referee Tony Corrente gave in to common sense and announced it was a touchback instead. So, at the end of the day, nothing happened. But for a brief minute up was down and down was up. The universe spiraled out of control and earth off its axis.

Though ESPN will be criticized for cutting away from action too quickly, rules analyst John Parry was, uh, Johnny on the Spot, insisting some level of sanity needed to prevails. They also went back and explained who the mysterious black jacket-cloaked figure who sprinted on the field to change the call was and how it all happened.

My two cents: the play should have been ruled an illegal forward pass and a safety. But I guess asking a football player to drop to a knee is a bridge too far. Don't want anyone getting hurt.