VIDEO: Stephen A. Smith Gives His Own Rendition of the Kawhi Laugh


Kawhi Leonard’s laugh has been a national phenomena since the superstar chuckled on television for what seemed like the first time in his career near the beginning of this season. While some got a bit mean-spirited while making fun of the laugh, Leonard ultimately had the last one, as he’s merely one game away from winning his second NBA title with Game 5 on Monday night.

Stephen A. Smith, who’s in his element right now and has appeared all over ESPN in recent weeks, decided to give his own version of the “Kawhi Laugh” during a segment of “Always Late With Katie Nolan.” It was a strong effort, but ultimately I believe he fell short.

The biggest issue is his inability to accurately replicate the sheer range of Leonard’s laugh. But that’s a tall task for anyone. A valiant effort, but hard to grade it as anything more than a B. Better luck next time, Stephen A.