VIDEO: Stephen A. Smith Also Has Strong Opinions on Relationships and Sex


Stephen A. Smith is paid to have strong opinions on things. Generally, we only hear his opinions on sports, but did you know he also had strong opinions on love, relationships and sex? Neither did I until I saw the videos below from some decade-old talk show clips.

These decade-old clips are from shows called “Mingle City” and “Baisden After Dark.” For some reason these videos were uploaded to YouTube in 2015 and sat there mostly unseen until this week. I mean, how does this incredible clip have less than 4,000 views (as of this morning)? So enjoy Stephen A. Smith on sexual pasts!

A true man is not going to sweat what you did before he came along. He may have a problem with what you do after he’s gotten his hands on you, but before he came along he has no right to hold you accountable unless you were a straight up freak. You understand? If you were a prostitute or something that would be different, but baring that whatever you did before he came along he’s got to hand in his man card if he’s phased by that.

Stephen A. Smith on good sex and making up because of booty:

Did he say he was a “booty-legged hit man?” I’m sure I would have understood that 10 years ago. [UPDATE: “Booty, leg and hip man.” Thank you, Deadspin.] Anyway, here’s Stephen A. in more of a debate-oriented program called “Baisden After Dark.” Speaking of prostitutes, Kym Whitley, the woman on the panel, played the Monena, the hooker Larry picked up so he could use the carpool lane on the way to a Dodgers game.