VIDEO: Steph Curry Had Clean Look to Give Warriors Lead Late in Game 6

Ryan Glasspiegel

The end of Game 6 of the NBA Finals between the Warriors and Raptors was kind of muddled — after this possession there was a Chris Webber situation with a Draymond Green timeout Golden State didn’t have and then a long foul review, both of which came with under a second remaining when the game was effectively over.

Before that, though, Stephen Curry had a clean look off a screen at a three-pointer that it feels like we’ve seen him make thousands of times. When he shot it, how certain were you that it was going in? I was not uncertain.

And yet, it rimmed out, there was a mad scramble for the ball, and the Raptors are champions. To be sure, Toronto would’ve had about eight seconds left to tie or even win the game. And even if they hadn’t, if Klay Thompson was going to be out for Game 7 this probably just hastened the inevitable.

Still, it was damn surprising to see Stephen Curry miss that shot.