VIDEO: Simone Biles Flipping in Slow Motion is Insane

Liam McKeone

Anyone who has watched a sport at any point in their life usually understands what it feels like to watch someone truly special on whatever floor or field they perform on. You don’t need to know it, per se, or vocalize the level of performance you’re seeing. It’s sometimes just a feeling of awe occurring at a subconscious level, your brain acknowledging that whatever it is you’re watching, you may never see anything like it again.

That’s what it was like watching Simone Biles when she burst into the national conscience a few years ago. She’s dominated gymnastics ever since, and continues to astound to this day. Last night, we were all gifted this video of Biles in her element, in slow motion. And it’s awesome:

For context, Biles is only 4’8″. She got what looks like 10 feet of air there, and floated like Michael Jordan in a slam dunk contest.

A lot of people don’t have the same appreciation for the sheer athletic ability required to participate in sports that aren’t one of the four major ones in the United States, but Biles makes it real easy to change their minds. She’s unbelievable in every sense of the word.