VIDEO: SEC Referee Bumps Stationary Rick Barnes, Acts Like Barnes Initiated the Contact

Stephen Douglas
Rick Barnes taking a charge from an official.
Rick Barnes taking a charge from an official. /

Texas A&M beat Tennessee on Tuesday night, 63-58. Towards the end of the game, Volunteers' coach Rick Barnes stood incredulously on the sideline while the officials went to review a call. As referee Mike Nance walked by, he bumped Barnes and had some words for the coach as if Barnes was the one to initiate contact.

Barnes addressed the incident after the game, but mostly held his tongue, saying he trusted the SEC would look into the game and address what happened.

Tennessee dropped to 12-8 on the season with the loss. After winning 31 games and making the Sweet 16 last season, they're going to need to get things going over the next month if they even want to make the NCAA tournament.