VIDEO: Saved By The Bell Reunion on the Tonight Show

Stephen Douglas

The cast of Saved By The Bell had a long-awaited reunion on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night. Between that and Hannah Davis, it was a pretty full episode. Still… a Saved By The Bell reunion. Nobody deals in nostalgia as much as or as effectively as Fallon does.

You can count me among the many Interneters who grew up watching SBTB so this was way too enjoyable. This show is so ingrained in my DNA that I’m not sure whether I enjoy it legitimately or ironically. This show is a warm blanket. The fact that Mark Paul Gosselaar, Tiffani Thiessen, Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley all look the same as they did 21 years ago (The final original SBTB episode aired in May 1994.) is both comforting and appalling. Berkley and Lopez might as well have been CGI.

Except for the relative size of Mr. Belding, this was a carbon copy of an original episode. Well, that and the lack of Lisa and Screech. I realize Lark Voorhies recent public appearances haven’t gone well, but how did Dustin Diamond turn this down? He’s done every despicable thing you can imagine to hold onto his celebrity, but he’s above dressing up as Screech again?

Anyway, cheers to Fallon and everyone who had anything to do with this mini-reunion. Totally nailed it. Now, about California Dreams…