VIDEO: Savage Parent Brawl Breaks Out at 7-Year-Olds' Baseball Game


Bad parental behavior at youth sporting events isn’t unusual, but rarely do we see incidents get as out-of-hand as this one from Lakewood, Colorado. An all-out-brawl burst out between adults during a 7-year-olds’ baseball game, all stemming from some questionable calls a 13-year-old umpire made.

If you’re looking for symptoms of a growing sickness, the above sentence should serve your cause. The fracas included several solid punches and the fella in the teal shorts will likely regret throwing cheap-shot haymakers.

Four people were cited but not arrested for their actions. Shorts Guy may face a more severe penalty when they smoke him out.

There’s certainly no good reason for parents to brawl with each other during a baseball game, but the fact that the kids are so young here makes the senseless violence even more profoundly stupid. Seven-year-olds are very bad at baseball. There were surely errors galore and sloppy play littered throughout this contest.

To think some kid trying to make a few extra bucks by calling balls and strikes had any real impact on anything significant showcases a flagrant disregard — or worse — disconnection with reality.

Get a damn grip.