VIDEO: Sam Darnold Leaves Game With Injury

Kyle Koster
Elsa/Getty Images

Sam Darnold cannot buy a break. His entire NFL career to this point has been one big struggle to stay upright and elevate himself through inferior coaching, which is a shame since he could be a good NFL quarterback if given the opportunity to play for team not named the Jets. One of his rare moments of joy — a spectacular 46-yard touchdown run in Thursday's affair against the Broncos — predictably gave way to a very bad thing shortly after.

The righthanded quarterback was tackled hard on his right shoulder on an A.J. Johnson sack and was forced off the field. It did not look good, especially for people extremely into healthy collarbones and not being scared about potential serious injuries. Or clavicles. Or AC joints, things of that nature.

Here's hoping for the best but expecting the worse. You have to feel for Darnold, who one of these days will be dealt a more favorable hand per the law of averages.