VIDEO: Saints Fans' Reaction to Pass Interference Call Is Perfect

Liam McKeone
Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints
Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints / Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Good news, Saints fans -- the referees threw a flag for pass interference after a challenge! Bad news: It was against your team, and the stars have aligned to make life difficult for New Orleans once more.

The Panthers had a third down near the Saints' goal line with just over two minutes left in the game with the score tied at 31. The Saints made their third-down stop, but Ron Rivera challenged the referees' decision to not throw a flag for pass interference. In a shocking twist (considering how few of those calls have been overturned this year), Rivera won the challenge, and Carolina was granted a first down in the red zone.

In a less shocking twist, Saints fans were not happy about that, and expressed their displeasure accordingly and collectively:

Things appear to have worked out better for New Orleans than the last pass interference controversy at the Superdome, as the defense stopped the Panthers again and forced a missed field goal to get the ball back. Drew Brees then marched down the field and put the Saints in position to make a chip-shot field goal for the win, which Wil Lutz converted for the win. So the fans are leaving happy, but I don't imagine they'll be forgetting this anytime soon,.