VIDEO: ESPN's Ryan Ruocco Couldn't Believe Refs Missed Late Rudy Gobert Goaltend

Liam McKeone
Rudy Gobert goaltends Damian Lillard, to no call
Rudy Gobert goaltends Damian Lillard, to no call / Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers and Utah Jazz faced off on Friday night in a battle of tough Western Conference teams. As one could expect, the game went down to the wire. Down by two with the shot clock off in the fourth quarter, Damian Lillard drove to the basket for a layup. The ball hit the glass. It was then smacked away by Rudy Gobert, a textbook definition of goaltending.

And yet... No call. Lillard couldn't believe it. The Blazers couldn't believe it. Even some of the Jazz looked like they couldn't believe it. Ryan Ruocco, on the play-by-play call for ESPN, really couldn't believe it.

It's pretty rare to hear an announcer so openly proclaim the refs made a bad call, but it's also pretty rare for a call to be both this bad and of this magnitude.

The Blazers were robbed, but they can take comfort (however little) in the fact that the national broadcast team told everyone at home watching just how badly they were robbed.