VIDEO: Ronda Rousey Had Another Awkward Interaction, This Time With Max Kellerman

Ryan Glasspiegel

Ronda Rousey had an awkward interaction with Mike Golic this morning in which she misunderstood — deliberately, in my opinion — one of his questions. Appearing on First Take, she appeared to think that Max Kellerman was being cowardly in presenting a question to her about how other people thought she was overrated after loss to Holly Holm:

“I experienced a lot of people who quote ‘some people’ that are really just afraid to state their own opinion,” Rousey said.

When Kellerman asked her if she thought that was his opinion, she shrugged. Then he said that this was not his opinion, and that he was and remained a big fan of her fighting, and Rousey said sarcastically, “Well, thank you for your support. I appreciate that.”

For what it’s worth, I checked the receipts, and Kellerman said after the Holm loss that Rousey was not overrated if the parameters were that she was the best female MMA fighter in the world. However, if people were calling her the best female athlete in the world, then …