VIDEO: Richie Incognito Inexcusably Shoves Player's Head Into Ground

Bobby Burack
Oakland Raiders v Minnesota Vikings
Oakland Raiders v Minnesota Vikings / Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

The early games just kicked off and we already have what could be the dirtiest play of the week. The Raiders' Richie Incognito inexcusably shoved a player's head into the turf at the end of a play that was already over.

Not only was this play completely unnecessary and dangerous, it was also unbelievable dumb. The 15-yard penalty it resulted in took Oakland out of field goal range and forced it to punt. In what's expected to be a low-scoring gams against the Bears, those points could loom large.

The Raiders made the news last week for another egregious play when Vontaze Burfict committed one of the scariest-looking helmet shots in recent memory.