VIDEO: Rex Ryan Made Good Point About How Injury Could Have Silver Lining for Tua Tagovailoa

Ryan Glasspiegel
Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Tua Tagovailoa appears to be in good spirits as he enters surgery for a hip injury sustained Saturday against Missisippi State, singing and playing the ukulele in his hospital bed. While the injury is certainly devastating and also sure to impact where he is picked in the NFL Draft, Rex Ryan made a pretty good point this morning on Get Up about how there could be a silver lining here:

"This actually may end up working in this young man's favor," Ryan said. "Maybe a really good football team that had no business being able to pick up a top-five player in the Draft can benefit. Just throwing it out there -- maybe if New England picks him up because Brady can't play forever ... somebody like that ... Philip Rivers ... some team that had no business being able to get this guy might be getting him."

Look, there's no way Tua Tagovailoa would've signed up for his present circumstances, but if he goes to a stable franchise instead of to a team like the Skins or the Bengals it could possibly be a blessing in the long run.