VIDEO: Reporter Kristen Welker Completely Unfazed By Collapsing Set Around Her

Liam McKeone
Kristen Welker, cool and collected
Kristen Welker, cool and collected /

I've never had to spend time on television. But I would imagine, in order to be a successful on-screen presence, requirements include poise and the ability to adapt under pressure. There's no room for error and no do-overs.

I like to think I possess that collection of traits, but there's no chance I would have been as smooth as Kristen Welker was today when her light set outside the White House literally collapsed in the middle of her report:

I mean, she barely misses a beat and manages to acknowledge what happened in stride. A lesser person, such as myself, probably wouldn't have even noticed the lights coming down and been knocked out on the spot, providing even more viral content to feed the machine. Heroes in our own right, to be sure, but nothing compared to Welker's performance in the moment. Remarkable stuff.

Any hopeful reporter should grind this tape over and over and take copious notes. Welker should get consideration as an UDFA after the seventh round of the NFL draft wraps up on Saturday.