VIDEO: Redskins Fans Chant 'Sell the Team!'

Bobby Burack
New York Jets v Washington Redskins
New York Jets v Washington Redskins / Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The debate for the best franchise in the NFL was ruined long ago by the New England Patriots. And the debate for the worst is heading in that direction. Times are so bad in Washington D.C. right now the fans have given up booing and have resorted to "Sell the team" chants.

Of course, this chant is not just a result of getting pummeled by the 2-8 Jets at home. But that is part of it. This is about owner Daniel Snyder's inability to bring a winning team to our nation's capital.

On a positive note, it looks as if the Redskins fans agree. In the past, when a football team had reached this level of egregiousness, the fans have been split on who to blame. Some say the coach, others say the quarterback, the general manager gets part of the blame, and even some know-it-all aficionados will blame a coordinator. Not in this case, however; the agreement is, in fact, that Snyder is the problem. This seems fair given he is, and has been, the worst owner in team sports for at least the past five years.

With that said, these chants must really bother him. This is the equivalent of getting told to leave your home when you are the host of a party at your home.

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