VIDEO: Raptors and Spurs Run Out Shot Clock to Honor Kobe Bryant

Kyle Koster

The NBA decided to go forward with today's games even after the tragic death of Kobe Bryant. Players, coaches and fans alike are still reeling and it's making for a weird juxtaposition. Emotions are running high as everyone tries to figure out how to move on.

Spur-of-the-moment tributes are popping up, though, including in Toronto, where the Raptors and Spurs worked together to honor Bryant on the game's first two possessions.

Each side allowed the 24-second shot clock to run out, a clear reference to Bryant's No. 24 jersey.

All around the sporting world, tributes are flowing in. There have been moments of silence and chants. There will be different ways of showing respect as today's games continue. One wonders if any will be as simple and powerful as this.