VIDEO: Women Fighting in Stands at Rams-Cardinals

Bobby Burack

The Cardinals didn't put up much of a fight yesterday during the 34-7 shellacking by the Rams. But that doesn't mean the fans in stands didn't. During the blowout, two women got into it and flying kneecaps were delivered.

The background of the woman in the classic, stylish Rams jersey is unclear. However, would anyone be shocked to find out she has been in a street fight before? I mean, those knees to the face weren't just fast, painful, and technical, they were experienced. Getting into the octagon with her would be frightening, to say the least.

The Rams made a Super Bowl last year, and yet, it would be shocking if their win-loss ratio over the past two years is more impressive than this woman's when it comes to throwing hands (and knees).

Look out, Seahawks fans. Sunday Night Football is coming.