VIDEO: Raiders Fans Chant "F--- AB," Burn Antonio Brown Jerseys

Stephen Douglas

The Oakland Raiders hosted the Denver Broncos on Monday night in the first game post-Antonio Brown. Mind you, the Antonio Brown era didn’t include a single actual game, but AB was a Raider long enough to leave a lasting impression and inspire some very raw emotions. Raiders fans chanted “F–k AB” before the game.

That chant traveled inside.

#RaiderNation chanting Fuck AB on the concourse

— Mike Coleman (@mikegcoleman) September 10, 2019

And then into the stands.

Don’t be surprised if ESPN microphones pick up the chant at some point tonight.

UPDATE: There it is.

The team is moving to Las Vegas next year, so there is really no reason to behave. Just, no one tell them that AB is across the country. Fans also danced on his jersey.

And, of course, burned a few.