VIDEO: Pittsburgh Co-Opts Philly Special, Stuns UCF

Kyle Koster
Central Florida v Pittsburgh
Central Florida v Pittsburgh / Justin Berl/Getty Images

Pittsburgh is getting in the habit of playing thrilling football games. Last week they brought Penn State down to the final play. Today they pulled an upset over UCF to quiet all that Knights playoff talk.

Pat Narduzzi, rightly criticized for playing things ultra-conservative in Happy Valley, allowed his team to dial up a Philly Special in the final minute facing 4th-and-3 from the 4-yard line.

Aaron Matthews found quarterback Kevin Pickett in the end zone for the game-winning touchdown on a play that would not have worked against most defensive choices.

Narduzzi has every right to walk into his postgame press conference with the swagger of 10 men. Talk about a moment of redemption.

The name of the play, however, could use some work.