VIDEO: Paul Finebaum Responds to Shelley Meyer Tweeting She Doesn't Pay Attention to Him

Ryan Glasspiegel

Paul Finebaum has been saying that Urban Meyer’s tenure at Ohio State could come to a conclusion as soon as the end of this season, to which Urban’s wife Shelley retorted in a since-deleted tweet, “Ummmm, newsflash? Or Maybe not. He gets NONE OF MY ATTENTION. Should get no one else’s either. I don’t listen or watch him or his network anymore.”

Finebaum appeared on First Take today and addressed these comments. “The reason why you couldn’t put that tweet up is after Urban was asked about it Monday Shelley Meyer deleted the tweet. Deleting seems to run in the Meyer family,” Finebaum retorted. “Remember Urban Meyer deleted texts, now Shelley Meyer — I don’t believe in deleting the tweet. You say something, everybody already knows it, it’s been disseminated across the country.”

“I don’t know what to say to her,” Finebaum continued. “I know her fairly well. She’s a nice woman. I think she has bigger problems right now dealing with whatever Urban is going through than slapping back at me.”

Stephen A. Smith wondered why Shelley has an issue with ESPN now when she didn’t mind Urban collecting a check from the network in between his years at Florida and Ohio State. Finebaum later reiterated that he has heard “whispers” that Meyer could be done as Buckeyes head coach soon, and said that while he wasn’t trying to “psychoanalyze” the head coach, he was “troubled” by Meyer’s appearance in interviews he did with local news about his ongoing health issues.

Molly Qerim concluded: “I’m honestly not surprise his wife said she wouldn’t watch the network, because she probably doesn’t want to be reminded of her husband’s mistakes, because he mishandled a domestic violence situation. That is my opinion, not anyone else’s.”