VIDEO: Paul Chryst Goes Nuts After Egregious Pass Interference Call in Rose Bowl

Ryan Glasspiegel
Paul Chryst berates official
Paul Chryst berates official /

The Wisconsin Badgers shot themselves in the foot, ankle, and calf today in losing the Rose Bowl against Oregon. They turned the ball over four times, including a dropped punt for a touchdown and wound up losing a game they should've won by multiple scores based on yardage and time of possession.

In addition to self inflicted errors, they were really hurt by the zebras on what was ultimately their final offensive drive on this pass interference call:

Wisconsin coach Paul Chryst was rightfully apoplectic:

ESPN's rules analyst seemed to believe this was the right call and in disclosure I'm a Wisconsin alum, but this was not offensive pass interference. Again there were about a half dozen other areas where if the Badgers didn't have self inflicted errors they would've been in a better position to win this game. Nevertheless, this officiating error being the culmination of all the bad things that happened was quite galling.