Video of Patriots Filming Bengals Sideline is Very Incriminating

William Pitts
Bill Belichick
Bill Belichick / Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Fox Sports' Jay Glazer broke the scoop of the NFL season - and maybe the decade - when he showed the video taken by a Patriots videographer filming the Cincinnati Bengals' sideline.

The Patriots videographer was supposed to be filming a feature on advanced scouting and was "trying to get some field perspective." The Bengals security guard, who confronted him called out the Patriots videographer for filming the Bengals sideline. While that's bad enough, the Patriots videographer telling the Bengals security guard they could just delete the video is perhaps even worse.

As you can see, the Patriots' footage frames the entire Bengals' sideline, which gives them a good enough view to all their coaches' signals. From the looks of things, they had to have had this set up for quite a while before the Bengals' security guard caught up, which makes this hard to justify as an "honest mistake" or "advanced scouting".

Of course, the question is who told the videographer who film this? It's going to be hard to prove Bill Belichick had anything to do with it, and no one on FOX thought he did.

Regardless, this looks fishy at best and cheating at worst. The NFL is still collecting information and we can expect some sort of punishment when the investigation is complete.