VIDEO: Pat McAfee Breaking Down JK Scott's 'Game-Winning' Punt is Outstanding

Brian Giuffra

The Packers and Bears kicked off the NFL’s 100th season and bored most people to sleep before they could enjoy the most critical moment of the game: a punt.

As silly as that is to say in a game where Aaron Rodgers threw the only touchdown and Packers safety Adrian Amos intercepted a pass from Mitch Trubisky in the end zone in the fourth quarter, JK Scott’s 63-yard punt with under two minutes left in the game sealed the win for the Packers.

Never one to miss an opportunity to prop up punters, for the brand, of course, Pat McAfee jumped on Twitter moments after the game and broke down the play as only he knows how — passionately, insightfully, NSFWly.

Only McAfee, the former Colts Pro-Bowl punter and current analyst, could be this amped about a punt. But in a game where both offenses looked like they were stuck in 1919, you gotta get hyped about something, and thankfully we have someone like McAfee here to remind us just how majestic the kicking form can be.

Ultimately Scott’s punt stuck the Bears on their 14-yard line with 1:33 left in the game and the Bears trailing 10-3. At that point, with the way Mitch Trubisky had been playing and with the way the Packers defense had pressured him all game (19 total pressures), there was virtually no way the Bears were marching down the field and scoring. They didn’t, the Packers won, and if Scott didn’t get a game ball, he certainly deserved one. I’m sure McAfee would agree.