VIDEO: Packers-Bears Hot Mic Catches Player Saying 'I've Never Had My Butt Fingered'

The Big Lead

Football is back and so are hot mics. Which are usually cool, entertaining, and insightful. Tonight, well, we got this:

Did a hot mic catch a player saying "I've never had my butt fingered?" during the Packers-Bears game

— gifdsports (@gifdsports) September 6, 2019

Now, this story is not over yet and still requires some investigative journalism work. For instance, we don’t know which player said this, which sort of ruins some of the fun. Some sleuthing reveals it was likely a Packers player, as they showed their bench right after it was said, but really, we don’t know.

Then, what was Al Michaels laughing at? Did he hear that statement and think it was funny? That mystery will likely never be solved. But he sure did seem to laugh at the perfect time.

Outside of this reveal, and hearing an official saying “down” in a funny way, it has been a pretty uneventful first half. But the game is far from complete and some mics may still be hot.