VIDEO: Orlando Scandrick Went Scorched Earth on Howie Roseman and the Eagles

Ryan Glasspiegel

Orlando Scandrick was released by the Eagles earlier this week, and he didn't waste much time before heading on FS1's Undisputed and going scorched Earth on his former team and GM Howie Roseman:

Scandrick said that he doesn't believe anything Roseman says, and that if the Eagles GM said it was raining outside he'd "get some shorts just in case."

Scandrick said that while he believes Alshon Jeffery at his word that he was not the anonymous source ripping Carson Wentz, but, "It came from somewhere. Where there's smoke there's fire ... That locker room is different. I still feel like they're living on that Super Bowl high. It's over. You're living in the past."

It bears mentioning that Scandrick only appeared in three regular season games before he was out of Philadelphia, and it would only be human to have sour grapes. Nevertheless, he was there, and his words are going to carry a lot of weight at least until the Eagles right their ship.

UPDATE: As ESPN Eagles reporter Tim McManus notes, Scandrick has changed his tune since Sunday about the Eagles' locker room: