VIDEO: Officials Screw Buccaneers Out of Go-Ahead Touchdown Against Titans

Ryan Phillips
Cody Parkey
Cody Parkey / Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Bruce Arians and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have every right to be furious right now. The officiating crew on hand for the team's game against the Tennessee Titans screwed the Bucs out of a go-ahead touchdown late in the fourth quarter.

With 3:45 left in the game, and Titans up 27-23, Tennessee lined up for a field goal from Tampa Bay's 28-yard line. It was a fake, and as punter Brett Kern ran the ball to the left side, he got blown up by rookie Devin White and fumbled. The ball was scooped up by Andrew Adams and run back for a touchdown. One problem: the play was blown dead.

Check it out:

The officials blew the play dead as soon as White hit Kern, when it was a clear fumble, with a clear recovery and a touchdown.

The ruling clearly cost Tampa Bay the game, it was a horrific call that should never have happened. Whichever official blew that play dead should be fined and/or suspended. It was a game-changing call and the officials got it wrong.