VIDEO: Notre Dame-Toledo Was Pure, Uncut Insanity

Kyle Koster
Toledo v Notre Dame
Toledo v Notre Dame / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

While you were doing other things last night, Toledo and Notre Dame got together for a basketball game aimed at bending all reality to its extreme limit.

First, there was this offensive foul call against Notre Dame that ... wow.

It's not overreacting to point out that this is as bad as it gets. Mike Brey's mind understandably short-circuited as a result of seeing his player get whistled for the crime of standing static with the ball. It's a miracle he's still with us.

Not done providing astounding moments, the game carried on. In the final seconds, the Irish trailed by three and a missed free-throw set about a wild scramble. A final heave from distance was way off and would have fallen away as the buzzer sounded 99.9999 percent of the time. This time, though, it became wedged against the backboard, allowing Notre Dame another chance at sending the game to overtime, which they did.

The Irish dominated in the extra period to secure the victory. They held Toledo scoreless for 4:59 before a desperate and unnecessary heave from 65 feet found the bottom of the net.

What a magical night. Anytime a nondescript November tilt transforms into a fever dream in real time, it's worth savoring.