VIDEO: SNY's Mets Broadcast Showed Noah Syndergaard Pitching In Nothing But His Underwear

Stephen Douglas
Noah Syndergaard pitches while his teammates watch.
Noah Syndergaard pitches while his teammates watch. / Mark Brown/Getty Images

Noah Syndergaard is so well-known for going shirtless during Spring Training. So much so that earlier this month his teammates pranked him by all going shirtless for a workout. Well, on Saturday Syndergaard took his workouts to the next level and lost his pants. He was throwing in nothing but underwear on Saturday during the Mets game against the Nationals.

The announcers seemed a bit surprised when Syndergaard showed up on their screen, but still had a funny little exchange about the camera being on his backside. Syndergaard took to Twitter to complain about the invasion of privacy, but the only real question is, where does Syndergaard go from here?