VIDEO: Michael Irvin and Steve Mariucci Drank Syrup on NFL Network

William Pitts
We promise you this isn't as obscene as it looks.
We promise you this isn't as obscene as it looks. / NFL Network

For those who haven't watched it, NFL Network's shows can get a little weird sometimes. Recall this skit where Peter Schrager did a full-on Wolf of Wall Street impression.

But this might take the...well, pancake.

In what we can only presume was a play on the term "pancake" - in the context of football, to block someone so hard that they fall over, which San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle is shown doing - NFL Network's Steve Mariucci grabs a bottle of maple syrup and pours the contents into his mouth as the rest of his on-screen colleagues cheer him on.

Then co-host Michael Irvin grabs the bottle and does the same thing.

We think they'll have a good talking to from NFL Network's wardrobe department after the show wraps up. Seriously, maple syrup is hell to wash off.