VIDEO: Newtown Wins State Title in Dramatic Fashion on Anniversary of Sandy Hook Shooting

Kyle Koster

Newtown captured Connecticut's Class LL state championship Saturday afternoon on a long touchdown pass as time expired. Quarterback Jack Street found Riley Ward through the misty evening sky for a dramatic and thrilling culmination of a 13-0 season.

The heroics came on the seventh anniversary of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which is a feeder school for Newtown. It's dangerous ground to equate too much meaning into stuff like this, though those who do rarely mean to trivialize what should never be trivialized.

But it's undeniable that there's a power of human spirit on display. That community will never be whole, scars will never heal, and all necessary caveats. It's still stirring to see a group do something intensely positive and experience pure bliss on a date that's forever linked to pain and the deepest sorrow.

Any rational person understands that sports can't do everything and aren't everything. That they can mean something and do something -- however one wishes to define it -- is also important to realize and celebrate.