VIDEO: NBC News' Garrett Haake Shot With Rubber Bullet

Kyle Koster

NBC News' Garrett Haake, whose typical beat involves briskly walking next to members of Congress who would like to get to their next meeting without saying anything too bold or interesting, was tasked with covering protests near the White House Sunday night. Shortly after a 11 p.m. he found himself in a situation he didn't want to be in, realized it, but could not extricate himself as quickly as he would have liked.

The result? Taking a rubber bullet or pellet to the side while on air.

Somewhat remarkably, a reporter getting shot with non-lethal rounds is becoming less and less of an outlier event. It sort of boggles the mind how police keep failing to see the enormous television cameras following these people around before firing, but here we are.

To Haake's credit, he wore the pain like a champ and was able to display a sweet forearm tattoo. Important to occasionally look on the bright side.