VIDEO: MLB Ump Mike Winters Had a Horrendous Strike 3 Call Against the Mets

By Kevin Gamgort

If you’ve been wondering why many have been pushing for the MLB to use robotic umpires, here’s an explanation.

Less than a week after Angel Hernandez’s blatant missed calls captivated the media world, another umpire is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. With an 0-2 count in the bottom of the third inning, umpire Mike Winters punched out Mets shortstop Amed Rosario on one of the worst called strikes you will ever see.

You can’t make this stuff up.

The pitch was in the other batters box and still called a strike. It’s impressive that Rosario didn’t argue and get tossed after this type of call. It was that bad.

Although some umpires have wider strike zones that favor pitchers, there’s no justification for this. Whether it be punishing the umpires for their inconsistencies or shifting to robots, the MLB needs to take action.