VIDEO: Mitch Trubisky Discussion Causes Adam Schefter to Turn Into Lewis Black

Kyle Koster

Mitch Trubisky made the classic mistake of saying something honest during his media availability yesterday and paid the price. The struggling Chicago Bears quarterback let it be known that he was trying to get the big meanines on television turned off because the team doesn't need that outside negativity. This doesn't seem too different than the countless other times we've heard guys talk about siloing off from the outside world when times get tough, but for whatever reason, it really took off, even ending up on The Big Lead, one of the few remaining sports blogs.

Trubisky shouldn't have let it be known that the chatter was getting to him. If there's one thing Football Guys don't appreciate, it's rabbit ears. The second thing is feelings. So while I personally don't think Trubisky should be forced to listen to people tell him he sucks all day at work, Damien Woody and Adam Schefter know a lot more about the NFL and the way things are done.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, they were hard on the young signal caller this morning on Get Up.

Decent points delivered with passion, sure, but let's talk about the real story here. When did Schefter morph into Lewis Black? His delivery is indistinguishable from everyone's favorite perpetually aggravated boomer. One half-expects him to launch into a diatribe about a Starbucks next to another Starbucks.

And don't get me wrong, that's not a criticism. Totally here for this new affect. Just surprised, that's all.