VIDEO: Mike Zimmer Hid His Chewing Tobacco in a Sunflower Seed Bag

Kyle Koster

One of the fun ways to make preseason football more interesting is to get a nice little buzz going, if that’s something you’re into. Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer decided to pack a nice chew during a contest against the Seahawks on Sunday night. He couldn’t just outright do it, though, because it’d be a bad look for the NFL to have a visible Redman pouch.

So a repurposed bag of sunflower seeds was called into action.

Congratulations on the exposure, David Sunflower Seeds. All press is good press even if it’s attained through absolutely bizarre methods.

There are surely some real-world concerns about glorifying this habit, but if you can’t find the attempted cloak-and-dagger routine humorous, you need to check your pulse. It was just so damn unconvincing.

This clip didn’t take long to go viral so it feels like it was a total bust for Zimmer. It also means he needs to go back to the drawing board for ways to mask his tobacco use. Might I suggest a large tin of Altoids and, uh, turning away from the field while inserting it next time?