VIDEO: Mike Golics Scream At Each Other Over Pass Interference

Brian Giuffra

When you mix business and family, things can get messy. For Team Golic, it happened on a national stage.

During today's episode of Golic and Wingo, Mike Golic and his son, Mike Golic Jr., got into a heated debate over a non-pass interference call that was challenged by the Giants and not overturned in the fourth quarter of Monday night's game.

Since the NFL changed the rule this offseason allowing missed or called pass interference penalties to be challenged, the results have been a hot topic of debate. Most of the time, even when there's seemingly substantial evidence pass interference has occurred, refs haven't overturned the call on the field. The same was true last night, after the Giants felt Evan Engram was interfered with, didn't get a flag, and didn't get the call overturned.

Seems like PI to me, but then again, Mike Jr. is bigger than Mike Sr. so I'll side with him.