VIDEO: Michelle Beadle Unloads on "Obnoxious Diva" Kawhi Leonard

Kyle Koster

Get Up‘s Michelle Beadle is fed up with Kawhi Leonard and the drama that surrounds him. She made this perfectly clear on this morning’s program.

“What part of Kawhi Leonard’s behavior in the last year, and every story that’s come out in the last few weeks, says anything about this dude having any of the qualities that a leader is supposed to have?” she said. “You don’t talk, you don’t defend yourself. You’re coming off as an obnoxious diva. You don’t want to go play with LeBron because you want to be the top dog. You are the top dog for a team and an organization that’s done really well for many, many years.”

Beadle continued her strong take, saying Leonard has worn out his welcome among Spurs fans like herself due to his antics, which include a throwing a “spoiled hissy fit.”

For what it’s worth, Leonard’s camp is denying the latest bombshell report about his behavior from ESPN’s Spurs reporter Mike Wright.

The NBA offseason: never a dull moment for the interpersonal drama to