VIDEO: Michael Irvin Got Worked Up on First Take Again

Liam McKeone

Michael Irvin was always a man of passion and extreme emotion dating back to his playing days. He continues to be driven by that passion today; while he no longer battles on the football field, he’s joined several dozen former players on the debating field as a talk show guest.

Whenever Irving appears on First Take, sparks fly as he goes to war with Stephen A. Smith. It was no different on Monday morning, as Irving got quite worked up over the Cowboys and Ezekiel Elliott. The sweat was flying.

It takes a lot for Stephen A. to be taken aback, but here we are. Later on, Irving drew the ire of Smith after comparing this year’s Browns team to the Big 3 era down in Miami with LeBron JamesDwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. An interesting take, to say the least, but I’ll let Smith explain his thoughts in his usual manner.

Nothing like these two going at it on a Monday morning to get the juices flowing. Irving might want to think about ditching the jacket like Smith, otherwise he’ll have to change before the show is done.