VIDEO: Michael Irvin Blames Ian Rapoport for Cowboys Demise

William Pitts
Michael Irvin NFL Network.
Michael Irvin NFL Network. /

Though the Dallas Cowboys are not officially out of the NFL playoffs yet, they no longer have a say in their own destiny this week after leading the putrid NFC East for most of the season. After being pegged by many to be a serious contender for the Super Bowl this season, the Cowboys need both a win and an Eagles loss just to reach the postseason.

While most observers have pointed the finger at head coach Jason Garrett for this disappointing performance, former Cowboys receiver and current NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin has decided to pin the blame on one of his own colleagues.

"The day that this man did this brilliant work, that works for us, named RapSheet..." said Irvin, referring to the Twitter handle of NFL insider Ian Rapoport. "...and he came in here and he said 'oh, this just in, the Cowboys are now going to become a pass-first team and not a run-first team.' Right there!"

"The moment they verbalized those words out of their mouth, that was it! That was the problem right there."

This might be the first time we've heard an NFL reporter accused of espionage to sabotage a team, albeit jokingly.