VIDEO: Miami's Bubba Bolden Injured By Teammate While Celebrating Interception

Kyle Koster
Virginia Tech v Miami
Virginia Tech v Miami / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

An exceptional football play must be celebrated but celebrating carries its own inherent risks. Such a quandary.

Miami's Bubba Bolden is the latest casualty in a long and distinguished list of football players who have gone down with an injury while exalting in joy, though it wasn't really his fault.

Bolden jumped up after securing an interception against Florida State and was knocked down by teammate Gurvan Hall, who certainly didn't mean to take out his buddy with friendly fire.

Bolden may be out for the rest of this one for the very silly reason. If not longer.

Maybe, just maybe, the No Fun Police that tells everyone to act as though they've been there before have a small point underneath all that haughtiness.