VIDEO: Mel Kiper Jr. Would Draft Joe Burrow Over Trevor Lawrence Right Now

Ryan Glasspiegel
Mel Kiper Jr. on Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence
Mel Kiper Jr. on Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence /

Mel Kiper Jr. doesn't hibernate, but there is a certain time of year where we start to see him more and more as football season begins to give way to draft season. On Get Up this morning, Mike Greenberg posed an interesting hypothetical -- Trevor Lawrence is not eligible for the 2020 NFL Draft, but if he were, who would Kiper pick: Lawrence or Joe Burrow?

Kiper isn't a guy who loves hypotheticals and for the first 90 seconds or so of his answer you weren't totally sure if it was going to be an answer at all. But, after winding himself up, he chose Burrow. The reasoning was essentially explained in the leadup: Lawrence finished remarkably but didn't have as consistent a season from wire to wire, and Burrow/LSU played a tougher schedule than Clemson.

Anyways: The four QBs in this CFB Playoff -- Burrow, Lawrence, Justin Fields, and Jalen Hurts -- is about as strong as can possibly be. A group like this in the Final Four will probably come around less than once a decade so we should savor it while it lasts.