Video: Meet Tony Picard, a 6'4", 400-Pound, Washington High School Running Back

Stephen Douglas

Tony Picard is a 6’4″, 400-pound high school running back and nose tackle (duh). I don’t blame you if that seems a bit Sidd Finch-ish to you. Picard looks photoshopped. But there are multiple photos. And a video that was uploaded this morning. (Below) Picard, who is part Umatilla-Nez Perce Indian and part Sioux Indian, attends White Swan High School in Washington’s Yakima Count.

In the description of the video, Picard is now 6’5″. The fact that people are not exaggerating his height probably means he’s real. Busted Coverage found the stats for Picard and have him at 576 yards rushing and 8 touchdowns through 10 games this season.

The Internet discovered Picard last night when ESPN’s Brock Huard tweeted the above picture of the giant kid. Apparently, Brock and Damon Huard’s father played football at White Swan. The Huards are also from Yakima.