VIDEO: Max Kellerman Takes Shot at Ryan Hollins During First Take MVP Debate

By Kevin Gamgort

While debating whether or not Giannis Antetokounmpo deserved the 2019 NBA MVP award, First Take host Max Kellerman took a hilarious shot at former NBA player Ryan Hollins.

When trying to explain how good the Greek Freak is to Hollins, Kellerman told him to imagine a guy who is his size but “really good at basketball.” Hollins, who believed James Harden should’ve been MVP, couldn’t help but chuckle upon hearing this. A 13-year NBA veteran, Hollins averaged 3.7 points and 2.2 rebounds per game for his career. A serviceable bench player in the league, Hollins carved out a role, but was never transcendent in the way Harden or Giannis are.

Although Kellerman’s shot at Hollins is both hilarious and accurate, it sheds light upon how good Giannis. At almost seven feet tall, the Greek Freak is able to do things at his size that no player has before.

Whether or not Hollins was able to come back with a legitimate counterpoint, the debate was over after the shot was fired. One point for Kellerman.