VIDEO: Max Kellerman Said Some Things About Tom Brady Again

Kyle Koster
Tom Brady is setting a new trend for quarterbacks - Max Kellerman | First Take
Tom Brady is setting a new trend for quarterbacks - Max Kellerman | First Take / ESPN

Max Kellerman is a person who shares many sports opinions. Some are bound to be wrong, and a few very wrong, with enough time. His 2016 take that Tom Brady was approaching a cliff and about to be a bum in short order is a tremendously regrettable opinion. The ground it was built upon quickly turned to quicksand and swallowed up any foundation. Then, year after year, it burps the prediction back up to be roasted a bit before once again sinking into the Earth.

Kellerman is a pro’s pro, though, and he refuses to admit defeat. Listen to him adroitly choose some words to diminish all the winning Brady’s done since the ill-fated take while discussing the Patriots quarterback’s new contract.

“First of all, about the Cliff,” Kellerman said. “Every single number for Tom Brady across the board, all the important numbers when you dig in, are way down. Dinking and dunking more than ever even compared to his own standards. Much, much worse under pressure, etc.”

He then gave credit to Bill Belichick for getting more than one could ever dream out of Brady, which is, you know, there’s probably something to that.

“Nevertheless, if you’re a game manager who’s big on 3rd down and you play when it matters most, there’s nothing that can be said about that.”

Yes, everyone from Pawtucket to Nashua will get their backs up about this latest bit of disrespect, but the way Kellerman pointed to the stat sheet for validation knowing full well he’s in an unwinnable battle is such a skillful television move. You almost respect the guy for trying to pull a fast one here.